Author: Brianne Briggmann

Blog post #2: What I learned, what I didn’t learn, and what I hope I will learn

“By the time I respond to this post at the end of the semester, I hope to have a greater proficiency in html and a better understanding of what can be done with a VM and why we should want to do these things. But mostly, I want to be able to create fuller answers surrounding the question of the digital humanities’ value.”

-Me, earlier this semester.

Part I : Reality Check

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A Whole New World: The unveiling of the cloak that is my computer screen

These are words.

Here are some more words.

What happens when I do this?
And what about this?

Ceci n’est pas un lien.*

Here is my first blog post.

The above few lines are the result of my messing-around in the Text tab before writing the following post. I intended to delete them before publishing as they were simply meant for practice, but I think they represent my experience in this class as of Week 4 in a way the words I have written do not. Read more