Author: Sandra Ching

Decoding Shoes

I’m a person who likes to know things. This is especially true when those “things” are relevant to me. For example, when asked by my housemates about pet peeves, I said I don’t like it when I don’t receive prior notice regarding guests. Thus it became a rule in my house that we have to notify the group chat before bringing people over. This rule was eventually abandoned by everyone at the start of the second semester because it became bothersome.

Even though this nosy personality of mine makes life troublesome at times, I believe it often leads me to discover or realize things I otherwise wouldn’t have. In fact, I think my nosy personality might explain why my most significant takeaway from this course involves a decoding process; my favorite conceptual lesson I’ve learned is the idea that information exists all around us in an encoded form.

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In Search of Convenience

In my family, I’ve always been the humanities kid. I like stories and the way words can be strung together to form a rhythm. I think perhaps the main reason for my affinity towards the humanities is that I’m relatively “good” at it; I read quickly while retaining information and I have a lot of opinions so I’m good at adding to and continuing discussions. That’s why, for me, there has always been a distinction between computers and the humanities: I was at least relatively competent at the latter and an amateur regarding the other.
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