The Art of the Vine

Wednesday’s class discussion on the nature of social media platforms as news outlets and the strategic advantages and detriments of the electronic delivery of news led me to think about the relationship between more traditional forms of media (i.e. film, television, etc.) and the integration of social media into our daily lives. I also considered the way we consume social media and other forms of online publications in that there is a trend which favors brevity and instant gratification. Following this train of thought, I found myself reflecting on a particular app which I feel bears more discussion and perhaps respect than it has garnered in its first year of existence. I am referring to the Twitter-based video sharing app known as Vine.

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  1. Upon discovering my first Vine, I was kind of confused by the app. The six-second time limit for the videos seemed like it was too short, and some of the videos that I viewed made me regret wasting six seconds of my life watching them. However, I soon figured out that certain Vine posts are some of the funniest things I’ve ever seen! If someone had told me a few years ago that these six-second videos posted by anyone would be a major source of entertainment for millions of people, I would not have believed them. The only complaint I have regarding Vine is that it seems to have lost its popularity immediately when Instagram introduced its video feature, which is definitely less impressive than Vine itself. However, I still find myself browsing my Vine feed whenever I get the chance, and I’m never disappointed by what I see. I think Vine is a fast, efficient resource when satisfying the need for a quick laugh with a few taps of an iPhone screen.

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