Extremely late First Blog Assignment

Over the course of this semeseter, I have gained a greater understanding of many features on my computer.
There were many things that I honestly had no idea were a thing to do on a computer.
I didn’t realize that there were simplier ways to get around my computer or access certain things with just typing a code in.
Although it is still a bit confusing to me, the knowledge that I have learned thorughout this course will definetly help me in the future.
I can continue to practice everything that I have learned, and will because I think some of this stuff is pretty cool.
I honestly didn’t know what to expect out of this class when I first signed up for it.
To me, I thought it would be a simple class, learning more about my computer and the ways around it and it didn’t seem super interesting at first.
It was something to just fill a credit but as the semester went on, learning my way around my computer, that I have had for over 4 years, was actually pretty intresting.
Being taught how to get around your computer, see different ways to access files or change the way certain things look.
I always thought I had a decent enough understanding of my computer but after this class, I now realize that I was just scratching the surface.
Although I may not have a complete understanding of all the things my computer is able to do, I am now interested in broading my understanding on many other things.
This class sparked an interest in how to navagate my computer.
I feel like I cna use what I learned during other class work or just showing friends the cool things that you are able to do.
My confidence for using this knowledge is not super high, as I have struggled a bit but I am certain that I can work through it to continue the skills tought during this class.
There are many things that I am still stuggling with, like using Markdown, but I am very determined to continue trying to figure it out.
I wouldn’t say that I am very tech savy, I have a very basic understanding of how computers or phones work, but it’s always great to get more knowledge on the subject.

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