Is social media pulling people apart? How about relationships?

A new app finally satisfies the desperate need of many men across the nation. It’s called BroApp, and their slogan is that they “Message your girlfriend sweet things so you can spend more time with the bros”.

This app seems to be the new frontier in a world where people are increasingly separated by computer screens and cellphones. The creators of the app probably think that their service is a win win for all. The girls get sweet messages sent to them, and the guys have a little extra free time. However, isn’t it true that it’s the thought that counts? It would seem to me that any girl would object to being given these stock messages rather than heartfelt messages from their partner.

The app even takes precautions to hide itself from a bro’s girlfriend. It uses gps of the phones to make sure that you aren’t WITH your girlfriend when it sends the message! That would give it away immediately. It’s amazing how much effort we can put into creating technology so that we don’t have to put effort into our relationships.

I’m sure we’ve all seen the pictures online or news stories of families and friends “spending time together” when they are really all playing on their phones individually. Is this the way that human relationships will continue to develop? With less and less real interaction, and more interaction over the internet, I believe that we will forget feelings and nuance in favor of a cold world of simple text.

BroApp is just another app that further disconnects people from each other. Even those we care about we choose not to interact with just so that we can have a few extra seconds of free time. Are these new apps and websites destroying the social structure of the world? Only time will tell.

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