Giving Credit Where Credit is Due


In an earlier class we talked briefly about Reddit and its upvote/ downvote system, which can either make a post popular or to prevent it from ever being seen by anyone. Another feature of the site is the comment section of each post, where users can comment to share what they think about the post. The original poster will sometimes post their own comment to supplement their post. If they posted a picture, for example, they have the opportunity to share who the photographer was (if it wasn’t them) or they can include more background information so that other users can understand the context of the picture.

r/Pics, specifically, is where users can share pictures and photography, and is often used by users to share a meaningful picture they or someone else has taken. In this post, the user has shared something that they did themselves. This post, on the other hand, was shared by a user who didn’t create the work. In the second post, users have given credit to an artist for the type of art that has been done, and other users are able to ask if anyone knows who the work belongs to. Sometimes, users other than the original poster will share where a picture came from. It’s not just about making an income, it’s about giving recognition to whoever came up with or worked for the content.


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