On a Need-to-Know Basis

I have never been one to excel at technology. The first main piece of technology I ever “owned” was my brother’s Wii (we basically shared it but don’t tell him that). I knew how to turn it on and off, use it, and basic troubleshooting which describes the extent of most of my knowledge of technology that I own.
When we first began this class, I densely said that I was very knowledgable about technology. I now realize that I am only very knowledgable in comparison to those who have less knowledge than me (aka my parents and grandparents). My grandmother writes down questions about her iPad for me to answer when I see her. I can usually answer the questions within ten seconds. My parents are more technologically advanced but will still ask me questions that I can answer. I use my technology more than I am willing to admit on a day-to-day basis but after a few weeks of this class, I know that my knowledge of what I am using is minimal.
Technology has never interested me much. My brother, on the other hand, loves it. When he was in eleventh grade, he took apart his laptop and then put it back together. I, being a ninth grade brat, was not very interested or impressed. My brother now works for a branch of United Technology (Pratt & Whitney) and is working on plane engines.
The value that our society puts on technology is so incredibly high. Coming into this course, I already knew there is going to be a strong connection between technology and humanities, especially as continue to become more technologically-advanced. My brother was hired right out of college, given benefits, a signing bonus, a moving bonus, and a decently-impressive salary. I believe that in a world where technology is praised and used so often that we should have a better understanding of what it is and how it works. I am glad that this was the only class that fit in my schedule because I feel that I will benefit because of it.
Additionally, I am going to be entering the education field soon enough and having this knowledge of coding to pass on to my students would be incredible. There are children’s apps that are games where they can learn basic coding for fun. I want to be able to give them the opportunity to code and understand technology and I can’t do that unless I have at least a general understanding of what it is.
I love my computer. I would easily give up my phone for my laptop. I love how easy it is to use, how many things I can do on it, and the comfortability I have typing on it (thanks TypeToLearn). This summer, the week before I left to study abroad, it crashed and I had to take my mom’s laptop with me for the six weeks. It wasn’t the same. I habitually use my laptop and the day it crashes for good, I will probably be upset. I am not someone who gets attached to objects, but this laptop I use so often and for so much that I am attached to it. The more I think about technology, the more concerned I become because it is truly unknown what is to come with it.

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