Free Culture (Extra Post)

Consider the information that is all around us. Whether it is from the internet, on the App Store or even on a music site such as Spotify. Have we ever taken into account how much of the content that is accessible online is free? Ever since Lawrence Lessig’s Free Culture discussion, I have thought deeply about the content in my life. Sure, I have paid for my Spotify membership and a few apps here and there, but the majority of information that I have accessed has been free. I feel now that I owe something to the artists whose works have been readily available on the internet. Think about working so hard on a piece or a project, and barely being reimbursed for all your time and effort.You would want to be paid in a teaching or law profession, right? So why not as an artist or a musician? As someone who has always written short stories and novels, I would be upset if someone utilized my work for free that I intended to make money off of. I have never thought about the excess of information that is floating around the internet that does not technically belong to us. I have a newfound respect for all of the content creators whose information is readliy available online

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