English Language Changes in the Digital Age, and Amid the Coronavirus Outbreak.

The Digital Age of Technology has been rapidly changing throughout my entire life in education. This has brought many challenges and changes into my life, and everyday use of it in college now. With the coronavirus outbreak among us, everything that I thought would stay the same has completely changed, and here’s why.

This semester has been a huge change for me, even before the coronavirus outbreak. I have been taking difficult classes this semester, since it is time to really develop my craft and career choices. The coronavirus has helped me realize why I could never teach an online class as a college professor. Learning literature in this time of need has been difficult. Since everything has been put online it is easy to find the literature I need, but not to be able to actually read it. Back at Geneseo, we had our IDS system which made it easy to have a novel, dvd, or movie to you in just a few days. Now we have no one and nothing to help us gain these precious resources. For one class alone, I have to find three pieces of literature just for one assignment. These specific pieces have not been easy to find. But thankfully, I have been able to get them as text document, and read them using Visual Studio Code.

Visual Studio Code, has been a great addition to my technological tools. Using it in this class has helped me see the benefits it has for multiple majors to use it. This program has also helped me with my passion for learning about computers. I am able to make my own documents in VSC, with amazing features that I never knew I could do. While also using Visual Studio Code, in this class I have been able to use GitHub. GIthub has helped me find and submit multiple documents, that I did not know I had before. Using this technology this semester has helped me have easier access to English literature.

I think I have gained an overall respect for literature because of this class. Even though the coronvirus has made me connect with everyone virtually, I am able to know how to do that with ease thanks to the technology of this class. I am thankful for the multiple ways I can access and look through a text now, and makes it easier for me to adore all of the literature that comes my way now.

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