It’s okay to get confused

Friday, March 01, 2024

If I am being completely honest, this class has been a crazy time for me. I am about as technologically inclined as any teenager i’d say but when it came down to opening and learning new ways of doing things, like taking notes, it was really difficult for me to understand. Since being in this class I have learned how to work a terminal window. Something I didn’t even know existed has become part of my every other day life. The terminal window to me is something I can use to type commands, save files, open folders, open tabs, create folders and files, etc. It is my computers control center in a way since I can control all of its systems. After a lot of trial and error within the terminal window I am now able to use it with seventy percent confidence. I am capable of knowing where I am in the termninal window and knowing how to get back into my home folder. Once I am in my home folder I can go anywhere with the right commands. At first I was constantly switching CD and LS with each other. I would type CD when trying to figure out what folders I had and when trying to open certain folder rather than typing LS.

I now know that when starting my terminal window I should type PWD to make sure I am in my home folder. Once I am in my home folder I know that by typing LS I can bring up my different folders then choose which one I want to be in. From there I type LS again followed by which folder I want, an example being my scripts folder. I can confrim that I am actually in my scripts folder by typing pwd and my terminal window will say “kateydemaria@s149n246 scripts %”, which basically says that I am in scripts which is in my home folder. I can take it up a level by typing CODE JOURNAL before entering scripts and following it with ./, this opens up a brand new journal with the date and time on it in Visual Studio Code.

Since starting digital age I have learned about Visual Studio Code. It is like Word but for the base layer of a document. Atleast that’s how I think of it. Personally I like how you can type things, like # for a type one heading, rather than having to stop typing and lose your thought to go to the tool bar and choose to make it bolder or larger font, or even impliment a heading format. I tend to use the command button on my Mac quite often for things like bolding or italicizing in DOCS. Since using Visual Studio Code I have had to continuously remember that the command button does nothing for me and I have to do it myself. Again though, I can check over everything I do and am trying to accomplish with the preview button in VSC.

Realistically, I have learned a lot about the internal structure of my computer because I had no idea that there was a different system within my Mac other than Finder. With this class I have also figured out how to move things around in my Finder and free up space in my applications and downloads. Most of my files are now organized and I can navigate through them easily whether in finder or in a terminal window. I have found this class interesting and complicated, in a good way, because of how many new things I have had to learn and remember. However, the way that I am learning is nice and allows me to take my time. If I fail in any of the servers I can close and retry again. Being able to take notes on the same platform that allows me to comb through each journal is helpful. Especially when I start after the weekend and mess up LS and CD when trying to open a new journal.

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