Technology: A Class that Changed My View

This course changed my perspective on computers and how they could be used. I registered for this course not knwoing what to expect, but I am glad that I chose this course. In the past, I used my computer to do my school work and play videogames. But now I see it’s more than simply a tool. It’s like a key to understanding human behavior.

Thinking back on everything that I’ve learned in the Digital Humanities course so far, it’s been interesting. In this course, the books that are assigned for us to read are “Broad Band” by Claire L. Evans, “The Book” by Amaranth Borsuk, and Henry David Thoreau’s “Walden”. I had no idea how much women had contributed to computing history until I read “Broad Band”. Learning about their job is important for me since it provides a new perspective that is often ignored. “The Book” showed how books have evolved throughout time. It helped me realize how technology and literature are connected. Using Henry David Thoreau’s “Walden” in the course has helped me think more about the relationship between books and computers, especially because Thoreau discusses technology in the book.

I’ve learned a few basics regarding the computer side of language and literature and I am looking forward to learning more. Exploring the file system and learning the command line is very different and actually pretty fun. I never expected to be interested in learning how files are arranged, yet here I am. Navigating the file system and using the command line is like discovering something completely new on my computer that I never really knew existed. Learning to use computer tools for literary study has increased my knowledge of technology in general. I am a big fan of computers and I have always felt that computers are very benefical to use now and will most defintely be in the future. I’ve even started using what I’ve learned in this course with my other courses to make my life easier. This class sparked my interest in how computers may be used for literary analysis, which is something I had not considered previously.

Also, the course taught me how to use Terminal on my MacBook. I’ll be honest, Terminal used to scare me when it was first introduced to me. My first opinion on Terminal was that I was very confused. Seeing all different commands and trying to understand everything before being taught, I felt like I had no chance to gain anything from this course. Now, it feels like a powerful tool in my hands that I am learning more of day by day. Learning to command my computer through Terminal has not only increased my confidence but has also allowed me to use my MacBook in a new way.

Thinking about this Digital Humanities course reminded me of when I wanted to be a computer science major when I was in High School. My father suggested me to pursue my career with this major but it never worked out. I always had like a passion for computers, especially when I started learning what a graphics card is, what a motherboard is, CPU, GPU, etc. Even though I ended up taking a different major, this class just reminded me of that time. It’s like a connection between the technology I was into back then and the literature I’m into now. Back then I wanted to learn how to build computers and learn programming. This course is a great opportunity to combine my previous interest in computers with my current interest in literature.

In summary, this course changed my view on technology and literature. It is not just about what is in the books, but also how we use technology to comprehend them. This Digital Humanities course has given me new ideas and increased my confidence in the technology side of things.

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