Nature Is About Perspective

As I observe the scenery around me, I am shocked at how different it feels compared to the summertime. While my eyes see the same, my body senses many diverse qualities. The waves crash harder against the rock just as the wind hits my face with a crisp sensation, and the houses across the lake, normally full of people and boats, are deserted. In the summer, I would stay here for hours, reading, writing, or taking photos, and I appreciated the breeze when the sun was beating down. Today, I wouldn’t say I like the breeze, as I get colder with each one that blows past me.

Despite the coldness, I decided to stay and sit on the bench closest to the water. As I sat down, I finally realized just how cold it was, as my legs seemed to tense up when they touched the bench. Yet, as I slowly got used to the cooling feeling on my legs, I began to observe more closely how wonderful this place was. I decided it was time to discover more than just looks; I wanted to hear the world around me. So, I closed my eyes and was truly impacted by how many sounds I missed by focusing on looks. I could perceive every wave crashing against each rock before finally hitting the wall and hearing each bird diving into the water, hoping to find food.

My usual quest for going to this spot was to get some pictures that I could post. Before this activity, I would always be on my phone or trying to find the best picture spot. Yet, when I finally just put my phone away and didn’t worry about posting a picture, I could capture the true image of how magnificent this place is.

I decided, in my journey of feeling more connected to the earth, that I would sit on the grass as long as it was dry. Luckily, it was, and I felt closer than ever before. I sat down, put my hands on the grass next to me, and closed my eyes, surrounding myself with nature’s beauty and the sounds it creates.

Not only did this activity connect me to nature, but it made me realize how lucky I am to experience connecting with nature and having the time and ability to do so. Many people are not able to obtain this gift of nature, either due to wars, natural disasters, or any other life-changing reason. This connection with nature puts into perspective how grateful I am for the life and surroundings I can be around whenever I choose, without any restrictions.

I realized that when I am around nature, I take it for granted and do not appreciate the trees blooming, waves crashing, or animals around that make it what it truly is. As I continue to go through life following this activity, I will be sure to admire and appreciate as much of nature as possible, ensuring to notice the natural beauty around me.

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