Summer Spent Frolicking in Fields

This might be a bit of cheating, but since I wasn’t able to find a place so soon, I picked a place I went to last summer.
Last summer, a few friends and I went to a nature trail to get out and walk around.
During the first part of this visit, we walked around the trails and made out way to the waterfall.
On our way there, I noticed all the scenery of the trees and rocks all around us.
The waterfall flowed seamlessly over the rocks around the trails.
It wasn’t a super big waterfall so we were able to walk around on the rocks by it and were able to pick up the huge sticks that were by it.
Since there wasn’t much else but the waterfall and the trails, we made our way to another nature trail about 5 minutes away.
For this one, it was just open fields filled will flowers.
The whole scenery was beautiful and the sky looked so pretty as there weren’t many clouds in the sky but just enough to give it a nice glow.
The flowers were very vibrant and lots of butterflies were around, flying by us and landing on the bright flowers.
Behind the field was another forest area surrounded by bright tress that really completed the scenery.
Over the tree behind the field, streaks of light can be seen shining down through the grey clouds.
The streaks of light gave the forest a better light and made it the center of attention in my eyes


Extremely late First Blog Assignment

Over the course of this semeseter, I have gained a greater understanding of many features on my computer.
There were many things that I honestly had no idea were a thing to do on a computer.
I didn’t realize that there were simplier ways to get around my computer or access certain things with just typing a code in.
Although it is still a bit confusing to me, the knowledge that I have learned thorughout this course will definetly help me in the future.
I can continue to practice everything that I have learned, and will because I think some of this stuff is pretty cool.
I honestly didn’t know what to expect out of this class when I first signed up for it.
To me, I thought it would be a simple class, learning more about my computer and the ways around it and it didn’t seem super interesting at first.
It was something to just fill a credit but as the semester went on, learning my way around my computer, that I have had for over 4 years, was actually pretty intresting.
Being taught how to get around your computer, see different ways to access files or change the way certain things look.
I always thought I had a decent enough understanding of my computer but after this class, I now realize that I was just scratching the surface.
Although I may not have a complete understanding of all the things my computer is able to do, I am now interested in broading my understanding on many other things.
This class sparked an interest in how to navagate my computer.
I feel like I cna use what I learned during other class work or just showing friends the cool things that you are able to do.
My confidence for using this knowledge is not super high, as I have struggled a bit but I am certain that I can work through it to continue the skills tought during this class.
There are many things that I am still stuggling with, like using Markdown, but I am very determined to continue trying to figure it out.
I wouldn’t say that I am very tech savy, I have a very basic understanding of how computers or phones work, but it’s always great to get more knowledge on the subject.