Update on the First Half of the Semester

In the first portion of this course, I have learned a lot about my computer. I came into this course having very little background knowledge or understanding of how my computer works. Not only have I learned about the history and origins of computers, I have a greater understanding of the nuances of my device. Using the terminal and visual studio code was very difficult for me to get used to at first. But after playing around some more, I seem to have a better grasp of how to navigate it.

So far I’ve most enjoyed our discussions on the importance of transcribing historical documents.
I’m an ed major with a double concentration in history and english, so it intersects with my interests perfectly.
Because of my previous experiences and classes, I have a great appreciation of the importance of transcribing these documents for scholarly usage.

Currently, one of my friends is working with one of our professors to transcribe arabic documents, which is very difficult.
I’ve been keeping in touch with them about how this project progresses because I am interested to see how the process of using these documents in historical research.

My favorite experience from this class so far was the Douglass Day event. It was really nice to get out of the classroom and see the application of what weve learned in class. The presenters were also incredibly enthusiastic and passionate which made me even more engaged with the experience. Overall, my experience with this class has been positive.

Going forward, I am excited to get more into the applications of what weve learned so far. Since I am not the most tech savvy and have more background in the humanities, I am look forward to connecting these very different disciplines together.