Digital Revolution Boosting Literacy

For this post I wanted to focus on a more personal viewpoint on connecting reading with technology.  I grew up relishing the concept of a book. From the feel of the pages, to the smell of a freshly printed novel.  I savored every chance I got to flip the page.  Each turn of the page was an accomplishment in my eyes. I was making my way, that much closer to the ending of the novel.  I had linked the idea of books always having a binding.  There was no other way.

It was not until landing a job at my public library did I start to embrace the relationship between books and technology.  I was quickly introduced to the most popular section of our library.  The audio book layer. Watching the differing ages of patrons that checked out audio books sparked my curiosity.  We even had books on tape for young children to help with the introduction to literacy. People were getting excited more frequently about reading because of this intermixed connection with technology.

My judgment kept me from realizing what advantages technology introduced to young children.  Though it is pleasurable to hold onto a hard copy of a book and mark it with the questions and ideas that arise, technology has introduced convenience to adults on the go and has increased the starting age of having children comprehending and reciting words on a page.

I wanted to discuss any indifference’s people might have had while first embracing the concept of using technology to read books. I still lack the companion of a Kindle or Nook and do not see one in my near future, but this class has defiantly warmed and opened my mind to different viewpoints on the advantages we have been blessed with by the new technology that swarms us.

This is a revolutionary concept as “technology has reinvigorated an art form instead of crushing it”.

Technology is sparking peoples interest in books and getting more people to start reading and developing excitement in what they are engaging themselves in. We are starting to uncover the fact that more people are starting to relish in listening comprehension in addition to visual. What are your thoughts on Audio books, Kindles or ibooks? Were you accepting in the combination of technology and text? Did it spark a new found admiration in reading? Did it hinder a previous admiration?

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