What would you do if the power went out for good?

Throughout our class discussions the ultimate conclusion I have drawn is that we, as a whole are too comfortable with technology. I have constantly been at odds with the power of technology throughout our class debates.

Obviously I have joined into the world of technology with adopting a phone and I lug a laptop wherever I go.  However it is getting so popular that people feel naked without it.

I enjoy an occasional camping trip, free from distraction and the pressure life brings every so often. Many, however, lose the point of camping or do not embrace it since technology has interrupted the world.

Yes, technology has done wonders for communication, medicine, organization and much much more.  It is miraculous at how smoothly and well connected the world is after technology rushed through.

But, having machines take the roles of humans and leave hundreds without jobs? Having a calculator do the math problems for you? Looking up the answers on all those practice tests? Having a meal interrupted because a family member is texting at the dinner table? Even having a glow appear in a movie theater? …Where is the line drawn? What are we actually learning?

I stumbled across this video which really shows a divide between the pros and cons of technology.

Technology’s Impact on our World

This class has enabled me to see the power and strength that technology allows us in instances I never realized because we are so used to it.  You tend to forget that technology helps save more lives than ever before.  I am so used to seeing it in my everyday life that i take it for granted.  It’s nice to take a step back and see the improvements technology has delivered to this world.  I just hope that people would be content without It at times.

I have argued with my 35 year old cousin countless times because she has to send out electronic invites to gatherings ,due to the up-to-date lifestyle she has chosen to embrace.  She doesn’t realize however that our 90 year old grandmother is not as familiar, nor does she have as much access to the technology that teenagers and adults use on a daily basis.

All that I wish for, is that technology will not replace the actions we are blessed with.  Technology should be used as an aid but it should never be used to replace. It is OK to be without Facebook or your cellphone for more than one day.  Most people feel like they would die without it.  I feel like the comfort we have over its presence is doing more harm than good.

I don’t think the world would be able to function if the power went out for good.  We are getting too comfortable with this lifestyle.  It is important to find a balance so that people will be able to function and know what to do if power just left the world.

It is good to embrace technology but it is also good to take on the tips from past inhabitants in your history textbooks.  The stars can guide you if you get lost, not just your GPS, food can be cooked without an oven,

How do you think the world would react to a powerless life style?  Don’t you think balance is needed?
Life should not run on the comfort of technology.

Phones in Church?

A quick disclaimer to this post, though it consists of religion as the topic. I am solely focusing on the relationship between this and technology and by no means am pushing any personal viewpoints.

As we know Easter Sunday was a tad over a week ago and the most popular thing to do when celebrating this holiday is to go to Easter Mass. Being the most important church service of the year, besides Christmas, many expectations are paired with this holy day. People are expected to don their bright spring colors and flowing fabrics, have a happy persona and exciting tone, all while having their phone in their palm….“WAIT, WHAT?”

Typically churches prohibit the use of technological devices. Many churchgoers might want to pay attention or this might happen to you…

This Easter my attention was veered off towards my left to a swiping hand.  At first I thought “WOW how rude can you be? Getting your Pinterest on while standing and listening to your priest speak? Seriously?” It was a couple seconds later that I realized that the consistent glow of the phone and the swiping of her finger meant she was reading the bible on her

I’m not exactly sure how I feel about this concept. Technology is suppose to be helpful and save time. Reaching for a bible from the back of a pew probably takes just as much time as reaching for your I-phone and opening up the app. Don’t get me wrong, I was really excited to see something nearby that could so easily relate to our discussions in class. Whether I support this however…I would have to say no.

Having a bible app is a fantastic idea for on-the-go prayers throughout the day but standing in mass on Easter Sunday surrounded by bibles and eager neighbors willing to share a page makes this decision hard to support. We don’t have to turn to technology for EVERYTHING. This is one tradition that I believe should stay untouched based on general decency. This is a place of peace for many individuals and a place to escape the hectic world on the exterior of these angled walls. Church should remain free of electronic devices and anything else that might be a distraction.

It happens to everyone
I have however, ran across an aspect of technology connecting itself to religion by translating the bible into video clips for young students to understand. The bible is a very complex read for young individuals and seeing that most people lean on visuals to help with comprehension, this becomes a very suitable device to help students learn. I even found myself being drawn to the clips!!!

Children can witness the events within the bible by watching actions play out.
Children can witness the events within the bible by watching actions play out.
Children can get to know each character more closely and have a visual to go upon rather than just text.
Children can get to know each character more closely and have a visual to go upon rather than just text.

Not only this, but the Superbook Online Kids Bible Website comes in tact with Q and A’s, profiles and text paired with images. All of these additions are visually enticing and encourage students to get excited about embracing their religion.

Superbook Online Kids Bible

Technology is great for assisting in comprehension on aspects that may be too abstract or difficult for young children to understand at their age. Also considering the popularity of video games, taking this tactic and using this as a connection to study is a clever idea!

Instead of being a couch potato in front of the TV, now-a-days students can use their gaming skills and study at the same time!
Instead of being a couch potato in front of the TV, now-a-days children can use their gaming skills and study at the same time!

Next time you decide to visit your local church, think again before grabbing your phone and embrace the holy pages of tradition instead. Then as you leave take out your phone, jump on the superbook website and read up on what it all meant 😀 Or who are we kidding? I know how eager you all are to catch the video instead! 😀

Digital Revolution Boosting Literacy

For this post I wanted to focus on a more personal viewpoint on connecting reading with technology.  I grew up relishing the concept of a book. From the feel of the pages, to the smell of a freshly printed novel.  I savored every chance I got to flip the page.  Each turn of the page was an accomplishment in my eyes. I was making my way, that much closer to the ending of the novel.  I had linked the idea of books always having a binding.  There was no other way.

It was not until landing a job at my public library did I start to embrace the relationship between books and technology.  I was quickly introduced to the most popular section of our library.  The audio book layer. Watching the differing ages of patrons that checked out audio books sparked my curiosity.  We even had books on tape for young children to help with the introduction to literacy. People were getting excited more frequently about reading because of this intermixed connection with technology.

My judgment kept me from realizing what advantages technology introduced to young children.  Though it is pleasurable to hold onto a hard copy of a book and mark it with the questions and ideas that arise, technology has introduced convenience to adults on the go and has increased the starting age of having children comprehending and reciting words on a page.

I wanted to discuss any indifference’s people might have had while first embracing the concept of using technology to read books. I still lack the companion of a Kindle or Nook and do not see one in my near future, but this class has defiantly warmed and opened my mind to different viewpoints on the advantages we have been blessed with by the new technology that swarms us.

This is a revolutionary concept as “technology has reinvigorated an art form instead of crushing it”.

Technology is sparking peoples interest in books and getting more people to start reading and developing excitement in what they are engaging themselves in. We are starting to uncover the fact that more people are starting to relish in listening comprehension in addition to visual. What are your thoughts on Audio books, Kindles or ibooks? Were you accepting in the combination of technology and text? Did it spark a new found admiration in reading? Did it hinder a previous admiration?