Vincent Van Gogh: The Letters, Project Summary

For my project, I looked at the letters of artist Vincent Van Gogh. The letters were compiled in different ways such as by time, correspondent, and location.

options to view the letters from different contexts. Also shows all of the options available to the reader.

In this way the digital project provided more information to the viewer than the original book did which only contained letters in chronological order. The program also provided automatic translation of the letters and gave the viewer the chance to compare the original to the translation. The program used XML format and more specifically TEI to achieve its purpose.

Different softwares used to create website.

The program also contained metadata that gave extra information about the letters that was not present in the book and it provides background information and historical information on Van Gogh himself along with all the other people that he corresponded with.

Analyses of letters and extra context information can be found on the right hand side of the page.

Because it is digital it is quick and easy to see the connections between the letters from different aspects like by location and time. The program also gives the viewer a way to explore different relationships between Van Gogh and his correspondents and it analyzes and interprets the letters which it doesn’t do in the book.

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